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SJS Therapy
Scott J Staniforth, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

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SJS Therapy - Dr Scott J Staniforth - Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individuals & Couples

SJS Therapy is a therapeutic service created
by Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Dr Scott J Staniforth.

We offer the following services:

  -  One-to-one therapy based in the North East of England


  -  Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individuals

  -  Couples Counselling/Marriage Guidance

  -  Online Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individuals


  -  Training in Transactional Analysis 


  -  Training in Creative Methods in Psychotherapy


  -  Biomedical Science Education for Counsellors & Psychotherapists


All of us will struggle from time to time

We will all experience difficulties in our lifetime. Sometimes we manage to get through these difficulties by ourselves, and sometimes with the help and support of those around us. However, there are occasions whereby we can feel a little stuck and struggle to get back to feeling OK again. For some of us, we may rarely feel OK in ourselves and/or our relationships with others.

If you are feeling low, depressed, anxious, confused, stuck, or even a mixture of these symptoms, psychotherapy and counselling can be a useful way to support you through what is going on. Through the engagement with a therapist, you can begin to explore what is going on, and through relational support begin to acknowledge and find new ways of managing certain aspect of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions about entering into Psychotherapy or Counselling

Is how I'm feeling 'normal'?

How you are feeling will be a normal reaction to what is going on in your life in the present. Your response will be influenced by how you have learned to manage yourself and the world around you - based upon past experiences. When difficulties arise that remain unresolved, it is common for us to begin to experience low mood, sometimes feelings of depression, and/or the physical symptoms of anxiety. While these can be uncomfortable feelings, they are certainly a very normal part of being human. Often, we find useful ways to improve how we feel. However, sometimes these feelings can be repetitive and persist for longer periods of time, and despite our best efforts, we cannot seem to resolve the discomfort. To add to the complexity, difficult feelings often present alongside unhelpful or maladaptive thinking and/or behaviours.

Why do I feel this way?

We can think about ourselves as a stack of pennies. As we progress through life, the stack of pennies gets taller. In a life where there is no difficulty, the stack of pennies will grow to be perfectly aligned. In this case, the tower of pennies has a secure base and continues to grow with stability. Of course, being human we will inevitably experience difficulties throughout our lives, which we can imagine as pennies that are pushed out of alignment in the growing stack. The more pennies that pushed out of alignment, the less stable the growing tower becomes. The more difficulties an individual encounters, the more insecure or unstable they may feel. It is the role of the therapist to support you to identify which 'pennies' have been nudged out of alignment, and work towards creating more stability.

Is therapy for me?


Psychotherapeutic Counselling can offer a safe holding environment to begin to explore your life experiences, raise awareness and understanding, and promote a sense of flow where there is a feeling of "stuckness". As your therapist, Scott will sit alongside you to investigate when the 'pennies' may have been pushed out of alignment, and work with you to explore how this may have impacted how your everyday life today.

Therapy is available for anybody who would like to take part in a process of self-exploration. SJS Therapy is aims to promote the journey toward increased awareness, clarity, and autonomy.

What presenting issues can you support me with?


- low mood & depression

- anxiety & fear

- self-harm & suicidal ideation

- self-destructive behaviour

- obsessive compulsive presentation (i.e. "OCD")

- problems related to food & eating

- bereavement & loss

- difficulties related to sex & sexual health

- difficulty/confusion linked to sexuality

- gender dysphoria

- managing life as a trans-identified/historied individuals    

- relationship problems

- couple/marital issues (couples counselling)

- addictive behaviours

- sudden changes in life circumstances

- financial difficulties & management

- high-level/over-expression of emotions

- coping with complex disease, pain & suffering

- loss of health

- living with HIV/AIDS

- issues related to intercultural conflict with self & others

- PTSD & working through trauma

- childhood trauma & abuse (for adults)

- exploration of the self/personality

- working through life transitions

- avoidant & withdrawing behaviour

- anger management

- passive-aggressive behaviours

- stress & worrying

- work-related problems

- lack of motivation

- issues linked to parenting and having children

- issues linked to studying, exams & education

- other (Contact Scott with any questions)

How will you work with me?
See About Us page. 
Contacting Us

If you would like to make contact with us, we welcome any enquiries or questions you may have. Additionally, if you would like to book an initial consultation session with Scott to explore how therapy can be useful to you, this can be arranged by visiting our Contact page. During this consultation session, Scott will support you to decide whether you would like to proceed with therapeutic work. There is no obligation to commit  to ongoing counselling/therapy from this initial consultation.
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