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Session Payment Options

You have the flexibility to make session payments through bank transfer, card, or cash. The preferred method is bank transfer, allowing you to conveniently settle your session payment at a time that suits you.

Payments Due

For consultation sessions, payments must be made in advance to confirm and secure your session booking. Typically, this is required within 48 hours of confirming your provisional booking, but may be less if the requested session time falls within this timeframe. Consultation session bookings cannot be made using cash as payments are only managed remotely (i.e. bank, card or online payments). 

After the consultation, session payments are due by midnight on the day of your session. Where payments are not received by this time, a friendly reminder will be sent via email. If, for any reason, you are unable to make the payment within this timeframe, kindly inform me directly so that we can arrange an alternative agreement.

Block Payments

You may prefer to make a block payment for your sessions. As there is no requirement for sessions to be paid in this manner, the decision on the number of sessions you choose to pay for is entirely at your discretion. If you do opt for this, the block payment will be due from the next session that the payment covers.

Bank Payments

For bank payments, please use the following details:

Account Name: SJS Therapy

Sort Code: 30-65-65

Account Number: 56087768

Reference: Your initial(s) & surname

Card Payments

You can conveniently make card payments during sessions using our payment terminal. This includes all major credit/debit cards (including American Express). Alternatively, you can request a PayPal link for online card payments. Please note that a PayPal account is not required for this payment method.

Online Payments (PayPal)

If you have a PayPal account, direct payments can be made to:

*   *   *

If you have any questions about session payments, or anything else, do get in touch.

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